Bringing you the latest developments in AgTech.

Episode 1
published 11/17/2016

This week we meet with Nathan Dorn to talk about his startup Food Origins.

Episode 2
published 12/05/2016

This week we meet with Carson Britz to learn more about Harvest Port.

Episode 3
published 12/19/2016

This week we meet with Danny Royer and Curtis Gardener to talk about Bowles Farming Company.

Episode 4
published 1/05/2017

This week we meet with Dennis Donohue and he explains what the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology offers Salinas.

Episode 5
published 01/30/2017

This week we meet with Nolan Paul to talk about emerging tech at Driscoll's.

Episode 6
published 2/17/2017

Jess Bollinger from Arable joins us today to talk about the pulsepod and how it will help the future of agriculture.

Episode 7
published 03/16/2017

This week Aidan Mouat stops by to teach us more about Hazel Technologies.

Episode 8
published 04/25/2017

This week we sit down with Olivier Jerphagnon to learn more about PowWow .